Said Business School (University of Oxford)

Oxford, England

Located in the University of Oxford, the Said Business School is a leading business school in England and throughout the world. It was recently established in 1996 with a large donation from a former faculty member from Harvard Business School, and its building on the University of Oxford campus therefore has one of the most modern and recognizable spires. The Said Business School offers undergraduate and graduate programs in both management and finance, and it currently accepts only approximately 250 new students into the MBA program each year. The MBA focuses its core education around the principles of entrepreneurship, leadership with responsibility and global rules of business. The Said Business School provides students with the opportunity to obtain dual degrees with an MBA and another Master's degree offered at the school. The school's MBA program has been ranked fifth in the world with Business Week, sixth with Forbes and 24th with the Financial Times.

Bradley Henderson (Boston Consulting Group), Claire Diaz Ortiz (Social Innovation at Twitter, Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business), and Cameron Winklevoss (USA Olympic Rower and Internet Entrepreneur).

You can find this business school here:

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