Strategic HRM

The Strategic HR management and planning function will focus on strategy involving future staffing needs. Employees working in this HR function will work diligently with the leadership and upper management team to map out human capital needs in the future range anywhere from 1-10 years down the road. Professionals in this role will consider the company’s long-term strategic goals and initiatives and will work to align these goals with the human capital side of the company. This function serves as an important link between the financial goals and workforce goals of an organization. This function is responsible for ensuring that a company has the manpower to achieve everything the company wants to achieve in the future. After all, it can be challenging to achieve a goal without a properly educated and trained staff.

Once long-term objectives have been established, professionals in this function may be responsible for drafting a human resources plan and communicating the strategy to the rest of the HR team. They may also be responsible for follow-up, tracking progress, and adjusting along the way. This function operates at a high-level and from a big-picture view leaving the details to middle management.

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