HR Job Market

The job market for Human Ressources Professionals varies based on position, specialty, and industry, but overall job growth across the board for this field is trending upward. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in this field is expected to be around nine percent over the next decade. This growth expectation is much higher than most other fields making human resources a popular and competitive area of study. There is potential for even further growth depending on the growth and prosperity of each individual enterprise. As companies begin to expand and hire, the human resources function will be in even higher demand.

The same upward trends can be found globally as companies with an international presence must navigate the various labor laws and standards across their borders. It will become necessary to have some specific oversight of these functions thus opening the door for further job growth in human resources.

In addition, the changing demands of the workforce have created even more opportunities in the field. The up-and-coming Millennial workforce has a different set of values and expectations than the aging baby boomer generation and organizations must come up with new strategies for meeting these expectations and retaining talent. This will require positions designed to specifically address the workforce changes and challenges.

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