Future Trends

Looking forward, the business environment will continue to pose challenges that require the assistance of a dedicated human resources staff. With that, organizations will need to be flexible and willing to try new things when it comes to the implementation of a reputable HR team. In addition, the HR team will have to be willing to adapt to change and try new things. Here are a few trends to look for in the human resources community:


Performance Review Changes

While feedback is important, recent studies suggest that ongoing and regular feedback is more valuable than the traditional formal review process. Regular feedback has been identified as a way to increase employee engagement and many companies will be transitioning to accommodate this trend. As a member of the human resources division you may be expected to assist with the transition and foster new and creative formats for this new and improved process.


Social Media Recruiting

Social Media is rising in popularity as a way to recruit and hire top talent. Recruiting teams are beginning to use outlets like Twitter and LinkedIn with more frequency. The new wave of HR professionals will be expected to ebb with this trend and be comfortable with the use of social media for attracting talent to the organization.


Virtual HR Management

In today’s mobile environment, people are able to access information from their phones at any time and in any location. This technological shift has dramatically changed the way people like to receive information. HR professionals should look to incorporate application-based systems for gathering employee feedback and administering HR programs if they don’t want to fall behind.


Remote Workers

Another trend impacting the work of human resources professionals is the rise of remote working situations. In an effort to boost engagement and attract the best talent, many companies are starting to find the value in allowing employees to work remotely. This trend can present challenges for HR professionals who may find face-time a valuable engagement strategy. Those in the human resources field will need to get creative with ways to keep remote employees tuned-in and feeling part of the team.


Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is a buzz word across many organizations. It’s also one of the primary values of the new working generation. Work-life balance sounds great in theory, but technology has somewhat jeopardized any possibility of balance. Many organizations pay for their staff members to have a company cell phone, laptop, or tablet to complete their work. While most employees appreciate the perks, it can also make them feel obligated to work around the clock. This pressure can lead to burnout and turnover if not well-managed. HR professionals need to be vigilant about communicating expectations and providing the balance their employees crave.


Diversity and Inclusion

HR professionals will need to keep a pulse on diversity and inclusion efforts. Diversity has become a major player in the human resources world and many governments mandate that companies maintain a diverse staff. You’ll want to keep abreast of labor laws and ensure your company is in compliance with these requirements.

Overall the Human Resources field proves to be in a great position moving forward. The career diversity mixed with high job demand makes human resource management a great career choice for someone who understands and appreciates the value in human capital.

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